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Dobrin Gionov CHAIRMAN OF MB

Dobrin Gionov

Dobrin Gionov was born on 18.02.1986 in Sofia.

He finished the Italian Lyceum and then, he continued his education at the University of Padova in major International Economics and later on, he was awarded Master’s degree in major Economics and Finance. Dobrin Gionov is a former fencing contestant and since 2015, he has been a part of the management of CSKA Fencing Club.

Stefan Sotirov MEMBER OF MB

Stefan Sotirov

Stefan Sotirov was born in 1990 in Sofia.

In the period 1996-2008, he studied at the Italian Lyceum in Gorna Banya and in 2014, he majored in Law from St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia. Since 2015, he has been a practicing lawyer specialized mainly in the field of civil and commercial law. Mediator certified by the Union of Lawyers in Bulgaria.

Nikola Gazdov MEMBER OF MB

Nikola Gazdov

Nikola Gazdov was born in 1981 in Sofia.

He has master’s degree from the University of Munich. He specialized at Harvard Business School, USA. He is an associate in an engineering company for designing solar and wind power plants. He was co-founder of CSKA 1948.

Martin Mitov MEMBER OF MB

Martin Mitov

Martin Mitov was born in 1981 in Sofia.

He majored in Administration and Management at New Bulgarian University. Since 2012, he has been the head of Team Sports Department in the international multi- brand chain for sport goods Sport Depot.

Пепа Марникас MEMBER OF MB

Pepa Marnikas

Pepa Marnikas was born in 1976.

She majored in Law at St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia in 2000. She is registered as lawyer at Sofia Bar Association and is a managing associate in a law firm specialized in the field of commercial and civil law. She has been member of MB since 2018.


Angel Rangelov

Angel Rangelov was born in 1952.

Angel Rangelov is one of the legendary players CSKA who remained loyal to the army values and refused to recognize the team that occupied Bulgarian Army stadium after the premeditated bankruptcy of “the red team”. He was born in 1952 and he became part of the favourite team in 1975. He became champion of Bulgaria 3 times and he won twice the Country Cup with the army team. „The Iron“ back played 123 matches for CSKA and scored 1 goal. He was a part of the great team that eliminated the two-fold European champion Nottingham Forest in 1980 and reached quarter-final for ECC. Angel Rangelov is co-founder of CSKA 1948.