CSKA 1948

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FC CSKA 1948 is a non-profit association for public benefit. It owns 100% of the assets of CSKA and thus, it is the single owner of FC CSKA 1948 EAD.

Meetings are organized monthly about the future of the club. Once annually, all members gather to conduct General Meeting at which, all more important matters related to the Association, the club and the objectives of all of them are to be discussed. All members have equal rights at the General Meeting and may be elected for members of the Managing Board. The Managing Board of association FC CSKA 1948 elects and controls the management of the football club.

All members are led by their love of CSKA and we would never put up with substitutions and renaming of the favourite team. For us, the words honour and morality have value and are not meaningless clichés. We spare our time and money so that part of CSKA may survive.

We will struggle till the end for our principles and will cover the honest way to the top.